Card declined, not sure why


I'm trying to buy a subscription but all I get is:

"Failed to add credit card.
Your card was declined."

Tried multiple times. Not sure why this is happening as I have money on the card and I'm successfully buying stuff on other sites. Can you guys see at your end why it's getting declined?

Not sure what info you need to be able to look it up but my account is "". Let me know if you need any more info.

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  • nikognikog
    edited October 2016

    Ok so I read some other threads and it seems only credit cards are accepted and not debit cards, is that correct? In that case, that's the problem for me too. If this is true, is there really no other payment option?


    Ok guys so I just tried our credit card and it went through fine. So just my two cents:
    1. Maybe I'm just not paying attention, but it should be much more obvious that the only payment method is (not only by card but) with credit card.
    2. I really really really love this product and the job you guys are doing, but this is a really bad way to go about it. I'm not sure how it is in Canada/US but in Europe I'd say that there are alot more people who have debit cards than credit cards. So you guys are losing alot of potential income by only accepting credit cards, and in general by only accepting cards and no other payment options.
    3. Make it more obvious what the payment options are! :)

    Best regards!

  • but in Europe I'd say that there are alot more people who have debit cards than credit cards.

    I'm not sure this is the case (unless you have any evidence to back this up?). It's true that many in the UK at least will have debit cards but many also have credit cards as well.

    It may be useful to have additional options for payment including debit card and PayPal. Agilebits aren't the only ones who take payment solely by credit card though, but admittedly companies like Amazon do offer the option of adding both debit and credit payments.

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Thanks for the feedback, folks! We are looking at how we can support multiple payment types, but this is a much more difficult endeavor with regards to a subscription service versus selling products.

    It is likely that we'll offer another option in the future, but I can't say when that might be.



  • nikognikog
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    @Martok, I don't have evidence, this is just my view, based on experience I have from the Nordic countries (Norway/Sweden/Finland) and a couple of countries in the south of Europe where I've worked/have friends. I think that the UK is more (for obvious reasons) towards the US/Canadian system so I guess the UK is not a good comparison to the rest of Europe, but I could be wrong there too. Whatever may be the case, I'm still convinced agilebits could get much more income by providing the most known payment methods. I think it sucks that such an awesome product can't reach out to alot of people because of such a thing as payment methods.

    @Ben I've also worked with payment options on e-platforms and I understand the problems around it, I think it's just worth it in the long run, but great work so far! :)

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Thank you! :)


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