Add at least WebDAV load/save if you don't want to add syncing

Please add at least loading/saving 1P containers from/to a WebDAV server if you're don't like to add a full sync option. For 99.99% I add, change and delete passwords on my Mac because of a real keyboard. iPhone or iPad is just for using 1Password, but I don't change anything.

I don't want to think everytime about Wifi-sync at home before shutting down my Mac or leaving my house. But I'd like to have newest password container file accessable from anywhere. My Raspberry with Owncloud runs 24/7.

It should be able load/save with "one tap". That's it. There is no excuse anymore about "bad sync experience" because this isn't a sync ;-) Loading/saving from/to WebDAV is reliable for 100% (please don't start telling us nonsense in this case).

Add it as a one time In-App purchase, I'll buy it for 4.99.


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  • BenBen AWS Team

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    I can certainly appreciate your passion for some sort of integration with WebDAV. After the last experience we had with it, leaving a poor taste, we're pretty resistant to approach it again in any form or fashion. It also doesn't have broad appeal (how many people even know what WebDAV is compaired to say iCloud). But I'll pass the suggestion along to our team for their consideration. :)


  • @webdav_sync Don't get your hopes up .. they won't do it.
    I'm waiting for this feature for years .. well, I switch to enpass as soon as they implement multiple vaults.

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    You're correct in that we will not be adding WebDAV syncing in the foreseeable future. Dave mentioned this some time ago:

    It brings me no pleasure saying "no" but I don't think WebDAV is the right technology for AgileBits to pursue.



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