6.5.BETA-24 message about browser extension update

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With this version installed, my browser constantly spits out a dialog about updating my browser extension. It spits out several at a time and makes it impossible to use the browser. I can't dismiss them fast enough. Worse, I already AM updated, so there's nothing to do.

When I try to use a non-default browser, (say, Chrome, when my default is FirefoxDeveloperEdition), when Chrome pops the dialog, and I click "update", it opens a web page on my default browser. That's not going to help me install on Chrome.

My firefox shows both browser extension 4.6.1 and extension beta 4.4.4.b1 installed concurrently.

1Password Version: 6.5.BETA-24
Extension Version: 4.6.1 & 4.4.4.b1
OS Version: 10.12.1
Sync Type: dropbox


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    Hi @teamnoir

    Sorry you're having difficulty with this. I'm having trouble visualizing this one since I'm not sure I've ever seen it personally. Is there any chance I could get you to take a screenshot of the dialogs you are seeing and your Extensions page in Firefox (or Chrome, wherever the problem is happening).

    I'd love to see it myself so I can use that context to help me figure out what could be causing it. Sometimes errors and things aren't necessarily from us but the browser itself, and or seeing the exact error can help me look in the code for the same error and I can look into what exactly we're doing. Screenshots definitely help in this case.

    Would love to get this fixed up for you though!

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    Sorry for the noise. A colleague had the idea that this is happening because you have the 4.4.4.b1 extension installed as well. Please remove that one from the Extensions page in your browser and that should prevent it from happening.

    Let me know if that helps!

  • Found that myself.

    Ok, so the bug is that it's possible to get both installed and that things to haywire when that happens. If I shouldn't have both installed, then you shouldn't let me do that. And if I do somehow, then you should tell me that I've done it and how to correct it. Exploding isn't really very useful.

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    @teamnoir: I'm sorry for the confusion! 1Password doesn't have any control over what extensions you install. We don't "let" you do it, and cannot stop you. :(

    This is managed solely by the browser. Some will allow separate beta and stable extensions to be installed, while others won't. Personally, I sometimes like to keep both installed with one disabled so I can switch easily, but that's certainly not typical. Having an outdated version is what will really cause trouble though. And while most browsers should update the extension automatically, in some cases they don't update them in a timely fashion or at all — or even update themselves. So unfortunately it is sometimes necessary for us to take matters into our own hands and make sure that the browser is updated and install the current version of any extensions that are critical to us.

    Were you able to use 1Password normally after paring down to the current extension? Be sure to let us know if you encounter any further issues and we'll help you get things sorted out! :)

  • Yes, I was, thanks.

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    Excellent! Thanks for the update. I'm glad to hear that all is well now. It sounds like you should be all set, but don't hesitate to reach out if we can be of any assistance. Cheers! :)

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