Not sure which license I need given our corp policy on syncing

Corp policy allows me to sync via WiFi and a folder (which can then be synced via secure server).
I can't sync via iCloud, agilebits 'cloud' (if I understand how your subscription licenses work), or dropbox.
So, what license would make sense for a single user on an iMac, MBP, iPhone and iPad?
And given that license and the above limitations, how do I go about syncing everything?

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  • JacobJacob

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    Hi @ChicagoJoe! Good question. A standalone license, which can be purchased from our store is what you'll need to set up 1Password in that environment. The license will cover your Macs, and on your iOS devices you can get 1Password for free with the basic features. If you need the more advanced ones, they're a one-time in-app purchase. You can sync your devices with the WLAN Server:

    How to use the WLAN server

    I'd recommend telling your company about 1Password as well. Perhaps they'd like to use 1Password Teams to make the company more secure. Hope that helps!

  • My employer (they jusy layed off 5,500) is aware of 1Password and gave us explicit limits on where/how confidential data can be stored and transported. we can't use anyone else's cloud/servers, even if the data is encrypted (my wife and daughter use icloud). So my only option is syncing a Box (the only non-corp authorised provider... a now former corp exec is on Box's board... go figure) folder and wifi syncing.

    Thanks for confirming what I thought.
    At least I have a [mostly] practical solution.

  • JacobJacob

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    @ChicagoJoe Oh my, I'm very sorry to hear about that. :( It does sound like the standalone version of 1Password is best for you. A Box folder will help you sync between your computers, and WLAN to your mobile devices. Learn more about folder sync here:

    How to keep a copy of a local vault updated in a folder on your Mac

    Hope that helps. Let us know if you have some questions.

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