Dropbox working for new items, but old incorrect ones stay.

Problem: The main iMac shows all items correctly. The mac, 2 pc's and an iphone all point to the same keychain on dropbox. New items appear in all devices, but there are old, incorrect items everywhere except on the main mac.

I backed up the "good" database on the main mac. Upgraded to latest version everywhere. backed up again. Rebuilt the mac datafile. Backed up again. Same old wrong items showing on all other devices via dropbox. New test items propagate normally but how do I get rid of the junk and have correct items everywhere?

Is there a way to "force sync from ..." to dropbox and all the other connected devices?

What do I do? Nuke the dropbox files? Nuke 1password on all the other devices and start over?


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    If the data on all the other devices is "wrong" in exactly the same way, then I'd say they're all connected to the same Dropbox account, but the Mac is connected to another (or at least the Mac is using a different 1Password data folder saved elsewhere in the same Dropbox account).

    Please create a diagnostics report on the Mac and the two PCs (commands are on the Help menu), export the files, and attach all three to a single e-mail message you send us ([email protected]).

    It would be great if you could also mention this forum thread in the message, so we can tie it back to this description of the problem.


    P.S. All those backups are useful to have, just in case; but they don't play a role in the process you described. Backups are unrelated to Dropbox sync'ing, which is triggered automatically (Dropbox handles that part) whenever any file in the Dropbox folder hierarchy changes.
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    jonsharer, I hope you won't mind that I've moved your two posts to a new thread called "Sync questions" in the 1Password 3 for Mac forum.
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