Android Beta 6.5-3 (Nexus 6P Nougat)

1Password becoming unusable. Often freezes , multiple times before it opens. At which time I have to enter master password , go into settings, re-enable fingerprint unlock. This is really, really not OK.


  • saadsaad

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    @Dbender54 I am sorry for these issues you are experiencing on your Nexus 6P. What version of Android are you currently using on your device?

  • Dbender54Dbender54
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    On version 7.1.1 This seems to happen whether 1PW is running in the background or if I start it , but I'll make a specific note next time. The app opens to a white screen and I cannot use either my fingerprint or master pw-- just remains white screen until I close it. Start up app again, does same thing. Close the app. Third time , app opens, but now fingerprint is disabled and I have use master of to login, then change settings to allow fingerprint. Some days no problem. Some days it will do this multiple times.

  • saadsaad

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    Thanks, @Dbender54. We are monitoring a similar issue that started appearing exclusively on Android 7.1.1 beta and it causes 1Password’s lock screen to become unresponsive. From our testing, it happens when the device’s display times out and goes to sleep with the 1Password app in the foreground. A quick workaround is to dismiss 1Password by tapping on the home button and then relaunching it from the background.

    Could you tell us if this problem starts occurring when the device’s display times out and goes to sleep with the 1Password app in the foreground?

  • I will watch for the next time this takes place, but recall that I either started 1PW or that it was running in the background (but don't recall if it timed out while in foreground) and switched to it. At that point, 1PW went to a white screen and had to close it. Then started again with the same result. 3rd time, it opened, but was not able to use fingerprint unlock and had to out in master pw then go into security settings and re-enable fingerprint. It's been a couple of days since it happened, so I'll be on watch as to the state if it recurs. Thank you.

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    Please do! Hopefully you won't run into further issues, but we're here for you. :)

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