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  • I went on line to see if there were Black Friday discounts, saw that there was a 20% discount, clicked on it and got started right away. I had not given a credit card but I started using 1Password. I tried to generate a password for my Citicards.com site. Now I cannot get into it. Not sure where I am in the process but need help. Walt

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    @waltervg2: Thanks for reaching out. I’m sorry for the confusion! I hope you don't mind, but I've split you off into a separate discussion so we can focus on your issue.

    Based on your description, it sounds like one of two things is happening: you're having trouble with the Citi website in particular (which can be a bit tricky to navigate), or you may have conflicting login credentials between 1Password and your Citi account.

    Unfortunately without some basic information it's hard to say for certain what might be going wrong and how we might right it! Please tell me the OS, 1Password, browser, and extension versions you're using, the exact steps you're taking, and what is (or is not) happening the way you expect so we can figure out the best plan of action:


    The more information you can give, the better. For instance, did you perhaps only change your Citi password in 1Password? If so, the website will still require the "old" one. That will be the correct password until you change it with them. If the website and 1Password don't agree on the password, you won't be able to use it to login. You can follow the steps in this guide to walk you through the process:

    Change your passwords and make them stronger

    However, if you did have 1Password generate and fill a new password for an account but didn't save it as a Login item, you'll have a Password item instead as a safety net, so that you can recover the password:

    If you generated a password that wasn't saved, or you can't sign in

    I hope this helps. Let me know what you find. I look forward to hearing back from you! :)

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