Field mis-match on wikipedia donation page

Not sure if this is a MacBeta issue or a general 1Pass problem. Field mis-matches noticed while donating on

1Password Version: Version 6.5.2 (652003)
Extension Version: 4.6.1 (safari)
OS Version: 10.11.6
Sync Type: Not Provided
Referrer: forum-search:wiki


  • Greetings @jadlin,

    Can you confirm the URL please. I tried visiting the one you supplied but I just get a blank page. I even tried using a VPN so I appeared to originate from the US in case it was that (it's happened once before to me) but still just a blank page. We'll happily take a look, it's just I couldn't see a page to review.

  • jadlinjadlin Junior Member

    aha, thanks for letting me know; please try beginning the donation process to reach the fields.
    Here's a start point:

  • Greetings @jadlin,

    Cheers, that seems to make a difference :smile:

    Let's see if my findings match yours. I found 1Password wanted to fill the street into the city field and ignored the street field completely when I filled with my Identity. Then when I tried to fill the card fields it didn't fill the expiry year and bizarrely filled the expiry month not only into the correct field but also the street field, overwriting the text I had to paste in to reach the card fields.

    Based on my experiences just now there's work to be done here, I just want to make sure this seems to be an accurate summary of what you saw so we know we've caught all the daft behaviour in need of fixing.

  • jadlinjadlin Junior Member

    Yes -- same experience, except for that street/city bit -- it just left my street address blank and put city ->city correctly.
    Might be different for Canadian/US addresses (unless you did this on a VPN, in which case... I don't know what's going on).


  • Hello @jadlin,

    Now I can't get it to muck up the city field so I'm now seeing the exact same behaviour as yourself. I've written up two bug reports based on this so thank you for reporting it. Hopefully what we learn in fixing it will help elsewhere too :smile:

    ref: BRAIN-325
    ref: BRAIN-326

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