Having trouble signing in to 1Password.com account with 1Password for Android on new phone

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I have an account. I have a new phone and I downloaded app from play store. It is asking me for sign in address and says your team 1 password. Don't know what that is
It also says account key and has A3 .... Do I need to put in anything else


  • JacobJacob

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    Hi @jeff9656! I'm sorry for the confusion. If you purchased 1Password a while back, you didn't get an account. You have an account if you are subscribed to 1Password. Learn more about the difference between a 1Password subscription and a standalone license.

    To get started on your new phone, I'd recommend syncing your existing one to it, or syncing your data from your computer:

    How to move your 1Password data to a new computer or device

    Let us know how that goes! :)

  • Maybe I didn't describe the problem correctly I will try again. I bought the 1 password app on play store on Oct 21 2015
    I have the receipt from play store with order number.
    A couple of days ago my phone fell in a creek and died. I got the reply event phone and downloDed the 1 password app from play store
    I am trying to set up new account but on the 1 password account setup it asks for sign in adress. It also says on that line 1 password.com
    I don't k ow what that is. It also asks for account key don't know what that is

    I know my e mail and master password

    Help I have all my passwords on my a count I have to retrieve

  • JacobJacob

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    @jeff9656 I'm sorry to hear about your phone. :( It sounds like there's still some confusion about an account. Simply put, buying 1Password for Android on the Play Store doesn't include an account which is why you don't have an Account Key. Do you have a backup of your phone, was your data synced somewhere, or is 1Password installed on another device? Those are the ways you can recover things without an account. Please let us know what you have and we'll go from there.

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