Autofill working but not auto submitting

When I click on the 1Password extension icon in Google Chrome, the user name and password will autofill, but the form is NOT automatically submitted. This behavior (autofill, but no autosubmit) occurs on all sites, so the issue is not website-specific

In the 1Password settings under the 'Browser' section, I have the 'Automatically sign in after filling usernames and passwords' option CHECKED.

I have already uninstalled / reinstalled the Google Chrome 1Password extension, and also tried rebooting my computer, but that did not help.

Any idea why auto submit is not working and how to fix it?


1Password Version: 1Password 6.1.308d
Extension Version:
OS Version: Windows 10
Sync Type: Not Provided


  • Hi @PasswordSaver,

    This is an issue with 1Password 6 for Windows I'm afraid. The developers are aware and it will be fixed, I'm just unable to offer any ETA I'm afraid. Sorry about that.

  • Hi @littlebobbytables - Thanks for confirming that this is a known issue.

    This is pretty basic functionality for any password manager, and I'm hoping the issue is resolved soon.


  • brentybrenty

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    @PasswordSaver: Absolutely! Just to clarify, the bug is specific to Chrome, so you can use Firefox in the mean time if you want to while we're working on a fix.

  • Any Update on this issue yet?

  • Hello @Bones,

    Sorry, there's no update available yet for this bug. All i can say is the issue is recorded but I can't offer any sort of timeframe as to when it will be resolved :(

  • Thanks

  • brentybrenty

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    Likewise, thanks for your patience while we work on this!

  • Any news yet?
    That does not seem to be a big issue, but still unfixed since more than a month.. That is a bit frustrating (and switching to firefox is not what I consider a fix or a possiblity)

  • Hi @fealXX,

    It will be addressed but the list if missing features is long and it will take time. The reality is no matter what order is picked somebody is going to be unhappy that a particular feature is still missing. 1Password 6 for Windows will eventually get there but it will be a slow process before users feel it's comparable to everything 1Password 4 for Windows could do. The earliest we'll be able to say anything is once the feature is in a beta, before that we're just unable to make any sort of commitment. I know, it's not a great answer but it's the best I can offer for the moment.

    I do realise it's likely quite annoying if you've been used to 1Password 4 for Windows but at the very least after 1Password fills focus should be on the password field and tapping the enter key should be all that is required to submit given this is how 1Password works. Yes it isn't ideal but hopefully for some people that will help speed things up a bit rather than using the mouse to click the login button.

  • @littlebobbytables I'm pretty new to 1Password, so I can't compare 4 to 6. Would switching to 1Password4 fix the Issue and keep my database?

  • Hello @fealXX,

    If you're new to 1Password and you've been using 1Password 6 for Windows that indicates you have a 1Password account. This means the only version you can use is 1Password 6 for Windows. Part of the reason 1Password 6 for Windows seems to be lacking in comparison to version 4 was that version 4 could't be easily changed to support 1Password accounts - it really required a new 1Password altogether. So 1Password 6 is all brand new code hence the missing features. It will get there eventually but as I say it will take time and for those that need to use 1Password 6, which is any 1Password account holder, there is no alternative at the moment. Sorry about that.

  • @littlebobbytables

    Thanks for the tip about hitting the Enter key instead of clicking the Login button.

    I would classify this as a bug, and not a feature, so hopefully it gets fixed before the dev team works on new features.

    It would also be nice if AgileBits had a UserVoice type page, where users could vote on what bugs/features are important to them, and then the dev team would prioritize accordingly.

  • Hello @PasswordSaver,

    We have to be quite precise though when recording for the developers. The reason it isn't a bug is 1Password 6 for Windows doesn't have the code in place at all - it isn't that the code isn't doing what it should, the code simply doesn't exist yet. It's the same with manually saving a Login item, offering to update a password and a host of other improvements that would make the 1Password helper much better. The lack of the feature isn't a bug because the code has yet to be written. I realise it's frustrating but you'll likely find that anybody that comes forward saying 1Password 6 doesn't x while 1Password 4 does has the same case to be made. Somebody will be disappointed that their personal wish list items aren't at the top but they will all get addressed eventually. What I'm trying to say, possibly not very well, is that I understand and sympathise with everybody who is missing something in 1Password that they were used to.

    We don't have anything public for gauging levels of interest but we do try to keep track when people contact us either by email or in the forums for this very reason, to help the developers as they decide what to work on next. Obviously it's just one factor though out of however many that determine how the developer time is split.

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