How to get 1Password on new Android syncing with existing vault on Mac

I have been using 1Password without an account for a while now. I stopped using the App Store version and switched to the website downloaded version. I have Pro for Mac and for Android and I'm up to date. I use the WLAN Server sync to sync my Android and my MacBook daily or as needed.
Got a new Android, want to have 1Password on the new Android instead of the old one.
Can’t figure out how to get that accomplished. I have read numerous forum discussions about how to do this and am confused. Where is the vault on my Macbook? One article says /Library/Application/1Password 4 another says something else and the article Where does 1Password store its data? is a 404 page not found.

It seems to me I should just be able to install 1Password on my Android and do a sync with my vault on my Macbook and off I go, but I haven’t been able to accomplish that.

I’ve tried copying the vault using Android File Transfer but haven’t gotten that to work either. At one point I realized I was copying the .agilekeychain which isn’t used anymore. Then I think I’ve gotten hold of the vault by doing a sync on the Mac to a new vault, then copied the vault to Android using Android File Transfer, but when I open it on the Android it’s empty. It all of my tries with syncing I've never been asked to verify the secret from the WLAN Server.

I’ve spent countless hours on this, I presume I could sync it using DropBox or iCloud but that defeats my purpose of not using an account in the first place because I don’t want my vault in the cloud.
Is there an up to date, step by step document for moving to a new Android using a local method and not the cloud?

1Password Version: 6.5.1
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: OS X 10.11.6
Sync Type: WLAN sync, no account


  • periperi

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    Hey @wjsimpson. I'm having a little trouble understanding what's going wrong. Since you have your vault on the Mac, you shouldn't have to manually move it to your Android using Android File Transfer--WLAN server sync will take care of that.

    Just launch 1Password on your Mac and select Window > WLAN Server. Then reset the Android app by going to your device settings and tapping Apps > 1Password > Storage > Clear Data. Launch 1Password on Android and tap "Use without an account" and tap the WLAN server option on the next screen.

    At that point you should see a list of devices on your network. Choose the Mac and you should be prompted for the secret in the WLAN server window on your Mac. Are you able to get that far or are you having trouble with any of those steps?


  • Thank you. I was making it way too complicated. That worked and I'm back in business, I appreciate your help.

  • periperi

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    Yay!! I'm super glad to hear that, @wjsimpson. :lol:

    If you need anything else, you know where to find us!

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