Cross platform license? Purchased via Apple AppStore and iOS now have Google Chromebook

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We have been using 1Password for years and love it! Due to unfortunate circumstances we have had to replace my wife's MacBookPro with a less expensive Google Chromebook. We're wondering how to connect the account/license. We'd purchased for the Mac via the Apple App Store and for our iPhones via that App Store and the vault is syncing via iCloud. Is it possible to connect to this account/license via the new Chromebook and its Chrome browser?
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Sean Murphy

AgileBits Update, 6-Jul-2017:

Hello everyone! We've started beta testing a new addition to our 1Password family: a brand new Chrome extension made especially for our Linux and Chrome OS users! To learn about how you can be invited to this private beta testing, please see this announcement:

A Present for Chrome OS and Linux Users

Cheers! :smile:

1Password Version: Current version
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Chromebook
Sync Type: iCloud


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    Hey Sean! Thanks for your support of 1Password. :) Your purchase of 1Password through Apple’s App Store is linked to your Apple ID and does not have a license or account associated to it. accounts are new and are subscription based. They are not covered in the standalone purchase from the App Store. Standalone purchase of 1Password allows you to create your vault locally on the device and optionally sync it using iCloud, Dropbox, or using WLAN Server sync. I am very sorry for the confusion.

    Do you have the model number of the Chromebook your wife is using? I ask because Google has recently started adding support for Android apps on Chromebooks and specific models already have this feature right now. We have a fantastic Android version of 1Password that supports both accounts and standalone vaults on supported Chromebooks.

    Alternatively, if accounts interest you. I would be more than happy to help migrate your data over. There are many benefits to using a 1Password account, so just let us know if you have any questions!

    Let’s continue from there!

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    Hello Saad, Thank you for your help. I believe this is the Chromebook model: Acer 14" CB3-431-C5EX I think she may have downloaded the Android version via the Chrome store but that is where she got stuck since it was asking for a user account ID which we don't have since we have the Apple App store version.

    If we her Chromebook is one that will work with the android app is it possible for her to connect to the iCloud vault we've been using with the App Store/iOS versions? I'm assuming not.

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    Thanks for the update, @murphysm2342.

    1Password on Android can't sync with iCloud because there's no iCloud support on the Android OS. In order to sync your Android device with your Mac and iOS devices, I recommend switching to Dropbox, as it works automatically on all platforms.

    Please follow the instructions here to switch to Dropbox on your Mac and iOS devices:
    Mac -
    iOS -

    Once you have Dropbox sync set up, launch 1Password on Android and tap USE WITHOUT AN ACCOUNT. You'll see sync options on the next screen. Tap Dropbox, and just follow the in-app steps to sync with your vault.

    Please give that a shot and let us know how it goes! Thanks!

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