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at the beginning I would like to apologize for my English.
Can anyone tell me is there any way to 1Password app could work like that:

We have 2 users one of them is admin he can do everything.
The second one is a simple user which can only login to sites that admin approve and the user can only login from one specific computer.
User cannot view the passwords and in any way login to this sites from a different computer.
It's only need to work on windows.

Can anyone please tell me how to achieve this step by step if it's only possible ?
What do I need to buy and how to configure the app ?
Thank you for everything.

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  • JacobJacob

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    Hi @zelea! This is possible with 1Password Teams. You can add as many users to a team as you'd like, then specify what permissions they have. Fine-grained permissions are available in the Teams Pro plan. There is a way to restrict visibility of a password, but it's important to note the implications of that. While they may not be able to see them, they have to use them somehow. So if you, say, hid the password for, they would still be able to use it with the browser extension by filling it. In general, we hear that people want to hide passwords because they don't want their team to change them. That's an understandable concern, but hiding the password doesn't add any real security, just some fuzzy borders. Since the team member can use the password by filling it, they can fill it into a field that asks for the old password, then create a new one of the account.

    There's no technical way to share a password that is hidden and allow someone to actually use it. There is a permission in 1Password Teams called "Reveal password" that, when disabled, doesn't show that member the password. However, it shouldn't be relied upon as a way to stop people from seeing a password, because if they can still use it (filling in the browser directly) as I mentioned above. You're welcome to use it as a barrier for your team, I just wanted to let you know how this works in practical terms.

    If this sounds like what you're looking for, sign up for a team account, and invite the second member after signing up. They'll get an opportunity to set up their own account on the team, where they use their own Account Key and Master Password to sign in. Now you can create a vault and share it with them. Let us know how that goes. :)

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