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For those interested in privacy in general, check out this article here: Please pay close attention to what the author says about long term keys. This translates easily to the master key for the 1Password line of products: change it often, and keep it strong!

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  • brentybrenty

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    @rattlesnakeshake: It's a really good article which I can relate to: PGP is a PitA. :lol:

    However, you really shouldn't conflate a PGP key with 1Password. PGP is really trying to solve a different problem, and because of that they are not the same on a technical level, despite the superficial similarities. It's important to keep in mind that a long-term PGP key is really a kind of digital ball-and-chain. It's intended to be carried forward, and therefore there's a cost involved in changing it. That just isn't true with 1Password. Changing your Master Password and/or Account Key often is unnecessary. But if and when there is a need to do so, it's pretty easy. The only reason to change is if it is known. And if someone can get the key you used yesterday without you giving it to them, they can probably get the one you change it to today. That's the "key" difference. (har har). :)

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