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I have been using 1Password for several months now and I love it! Probably not unlike many new users, I have been maintaining everything in one great "pile" inside 1Password thus far. I'm ready to start foldering some of my entries, but I have hit a bit of a snag.

I have read David Brown's posts about the relationship between items in the upper left and lower left sections. I created a new folder, and copied 73 login records to it. The items show up in "logins" and in my new folder (as one would expect). My question is why do they all still show up in "unassigned" as well? I get why they would be under "All" but shouldn't foldering an item remove it from "unassigned"?

Also - is there a way to define a folder destination inside 1Password when importing records from a CSV file? That would be extremely handy. Thanks!


  • Once your login item(s) are in a user-defined folder, they should not appear in Unassigned anymore. If they do, then this sounds like a bug.
  • Can anyone else confirm what I am seeing? I am running 1Password version for Windows. Thank you.
  • Solved the mystery - it was user error. I had only selected a portion of the list. But I still would appreciate the ability to import data from CSV directly to a folder.
  • DBrownDBrown 1Password Alumni
    I believe if the delimited-text file includes Login names like folder-name/login-name, those items will be imported as "login-name" into a folder named "folder-name" (with new folders created as needed).

    Is there an import option that mentions slashes in the names of logins to be imported? (Sorry—I'm not at my desk to check.)
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