There was a major hack on yahoo email. Do I need to change my password?

Just got a notice from Yahoo, there was a major security breach (again) on the email server. Do I need to change my password? If so, I change it on the 1 password site, not on the yahoo site?

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    @ischeckner: I think there are a few important, related questions here, so bear with me.

    First and foremost, and to contradict what I said just a few days ago, I think in the case of Yahoo a good argument can be made to change your password if you haven't done so already, even if you haven't been notified as a victim of the "latest" breach.

    The reason is that, while this actually occurred years ago, so did the last one they announced. Given their track record of reporting these years after the fact, I dont think anyone would be surprised if they announce yet another long after the fact.

    But I think the most important question is "Should any of us even be using Yahoo accounts at this point?" And while you can only answer that for yourself, I know what my answer is. :unamused:

    Finally, getting back to 1Password, keep in mind that it's important that both 1Password and the website agree on what the password is, so you'll need to change it in both places. Just follow this guide:

    Change your passwords and make them stronger

    After all, if you only change it in 1Password, then it will not be the correct password for logging into the site. I hope this helps. Be sure to let me know if you have any other questions! :)

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