Need an option for 1P to not prompt to save on an account basis

I have several google accounts. I DO want to save some credentials on 1P but do DO NOT want to save some others. Every time that I login google account I do not want to save, 1Passwords prompts me to save it. The only option is "never prompt for this domain" which will mean it won't prompt me to save for google domain. I want it to to only not prompt me to save for THAT account. We need one more option

thank you

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  • Greetings @rochak,

    I don't see this happening I'm afraid. It feels like something that could potentially cause confusion for some and not benefit many. Now I could be wrong, it could be lots of people really want something like this and that's something I love about the forums, it helps us see interest and I have no issue with being found wrong :smile: My initial thought though is it would be a very rarely used feature making it harder to justify when there are plenty of open feature requests that would improve 1Password for everybody and are vying for the same (limited) developer time.

    The autosave exception list doesn't exclude manually saving so adding wouldn't stop new Login items from ever being saved, just that it wouldn't prompt you automatically. This may not help your workflow at all of course but I thought it was worth mentioning.

    The thread will remain open unless the forum closes it due to inactivity so if I'm completely wrong and people think this would really improve 1Password then I hope they post and correct my beliefs :smile:

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