Chrome in Windows - Browser right-click. Where are Details? Where is Edit?

I've just moved to Windows and just moved to a subscription from my old Mac.
I got all entries in well (except the small icon images), but I'm having trouble with the browsers (Firefox and Chrome).

On my Mac, I could right-click open details and copy any text to any browser page. I could also edit fields directly in the browser.
The right-click on the Chrome browser doesn't seem to give me any of these features.

A couple examples... When I wanted to update an entry with a new website URL, i used to right-click and edit it directly in the browser.
Or... I could launch 1Password from the browser extension and it would open on the exact entry for the current website I was at.
Am I missing something obvious?

1Password Version:
Extension Version:
OS Version: 10.0.14393
Sync Type: 1Password Subscription
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  • Greetings @Bookstore Annie,

    When it comes to our 1Password accounts things worked out quite differently between the Mac and Windows platforms. On the Mac we were able to use the existing codebase and add support for 1Password accounts. It allowed the Mac developers to get things going a lot faster and they could take advantage of all the work that had been done in 1Password 4 and 5 for Mac.

    On the Windows side the Windows developers had a much larger task. 1Password 4 wasn't designed in a way that would allow for the addition of accounts so 1Password 6 is a brand new application with completely new code. So the Windows developers didn't just have to add 1Password account support, they've had to rewrite everything.

    I say all of this because it means that it will be some time before the two will be comparable at all in terms of features. There is currently no ability to edit an item from inside the 1Password helper menu like you can on the Mac and I would suspect that such a feature will be quite far down on the todo list given how many features present in both 1Password 4 for Windows and 1Password 6 for Mac are still yet to be worked on.

    So for the moment such alterations of items have to happen in the main 1Password window. All I can really say is keep 1Password up to date so that you can enjoy all the new improvements being made but this one will likely be some time. I apologise that I don't have something more positive to offer you right now and I hope this helps explain why you can't find this functionality at the moment.

  • Thanks so much for the background. Getting back to Windows is defintely an adjustment.
    I'm a loooong time user, so as long as you all are keeping me safe, I'm happy. You're still my top recommended app.

  • Greetings @Bookstore Annie,

    The key thing to remember is 1Password for Windows will get better. It's sparse in areas at the moment but the team is working to make it as good as it can be. I hope your return to Windows goes smoothly. I confess there have been times recently where I've questioned where Apple are going but then I launched my VM with Windows 10 and all was forgiven. I just find OS X nicer and it didn't help an awful lot that a Windows 10 update caused havoc with networking for people recently. Being moaned at by friends because Windows 10 has knackered their broadband doesn't really sell it all that well. Fingers crossed you're making the transition better than I have :lol:

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