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I bought the individual license version of 1password and have been only using wifi to sync passwords.

Now I have upgraded to the 1password Family and would like my family members to use 1Password as well. But I still want to just use wifi to sync passwords. I don't want to any of my password information to be uploaded online.

My question is does 1Password Family supports this function? To be more specific, I mean each family member is able to set up their separate vault on Mac/PC, and sync their own passwords using their own wifi network.

I have this concern because when i sign in my account using the given URL provided by 1 Password Family, I can see all the information about the vaults and the passwordss. I just need to make sure all the passwords info don't leave my local networks.

Many thanks!

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    Hey @apollo06! Thanks for trying out 1Password Families. :) Your data is synced automatically in a family account, using, so there's no need to sync via WLAN or another method. Each of your family members gets their own Personal vault when they are invited to your family account, so they can store their items in there, and they also get access to the family Shared vault where everyone can share things with each other. They have their own Account Key and Master Password to protect it as well, and if they ever lose one of them, you can help get them a new set. These benefits don't apply to sync over other methods because the centralized place of an account isn't used.

    As for the security side of things, accounts are more secure than WLAN sync and locally stored data. There are three umbrellas of security in 1Password accounts. Before all of them is your Master Password and Account Key. In the standalone version of 1Password, everything is protected by your Master Password and all the security wizardry in the app. But in an account, the Account Key is used to strengthen things even further. If you have a weak password, it's very unlikely someone will be able to access your data because the Account Key is a 128-bit string of characters that's generated locally when you set up your account. It never leaves your device, and we ask that you print it out to have a copy in case you need it later — you're probably not going to remember the whole thing. ;)

    It’s great to have a Master Password and Account Key protect your data, but they also need to communicate with the server to access your data, so we use three layers to protect things at rest and in transit. The first layer is based on your Master Password and Account key, which are used to derive a secret that is used to securely encrypt all of your data, both at rest and in transit between your devices and our servers. The second layer is based on the Secure Remote Password protocol. It allows your devices and our servers to make sure they are who they say they are. This provides an additional layer of protection against attack. The third and final layer is the standard TLS/SSL protocol. This layer provides a final layer of encryption and also allows your web browser to indicate that you were communicating directly with a 1Password web server.

    Learn more about how 1Password secures your data when it's stored in an account.

    Hope that helps! :)

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