Folders / tags confusion - Android / Windows

Just getting used to 1PW trial period on a family account

  1. Disappointed that tags do not show on Android - & yet I have seen this request raised in a forum as far back as December 2014. For such relatively basic functionality why does it take so long? Support replies say "well add your request to the list", but since 2 years & it`s not been implemented?

  2. Saw in another support discussion it is suggested in the absence of tags to use folders as a method of sorting - but I cannot see "folders" in either my Windows 1PW6 or Android. - please advise (I do not see "folders" in the side bar with "Favourites" "Categories" or "settings")

  3. Tags - no drop-down field for entry, have to manually type in each time, this is really basic

  4. With internet banking such a norm these days, it should be possible to access from a bank account category, as it is at present, this category does not have the necessary fields, so one has to set-up a separate "log-in" category for the same bank account just for internet banking. Adding the required fields into the banking category would mean one category for both functions - would be more user friendly.

Thank you for your advice

1Password Version: 6.1.308d
Extension Version:
OS Version: Windows 10
Sync Type: 1PW


  • saadsaad

    Team Member

    Thanks for sharing your feedback on 1Password for Android.

    Tags is a very interesting feature to us. It has been an on-going discussion with our users and also internally with our team. The very first requests for tags support in 1Password for Android have been specific to AgileKeychain and OPVault data formats. These formats are used for Local Storage, Dropbox and WLAN Server sync. They included a similar feature called Folders, that also allowed organizing items within the vault.

    Tags and Folders both allow our users to organize items, so we were really delivering the same feature twice. Because of their similarities, we went with supporting only tags when we designed accounts. This makes support for tags in Android more important and it is being discussed within the team.

    As for your last point, our current design of categories separate Bank Accounts and Login types. More specifically, each category contain different characteristic such as to determine whether it is fillable on a website or app using the available app extensions. We are actively working in this area, so you will hear more from us regarding categories soon :) For now, if you are looking to add your bank information to your bank Login item, then I recommend editing the Login item and add your bank details by adding custom section and fields. This can be done using the web client on and will appear on your Android device when saved :)

    Let me know if you have any questions.

  • Thanks for the response Saad -

    Tags for Android - your answer is the same as I have read a few times on the support forum "its on the list" - well its been on list 2 years. I am using the tags on Windows & it is very useful, but as it is not available on Android I have to add my or my wifes name to the top line i.e. «XYZ bank - Teddy» so that in Android I can differentiate between our log-ins / accounts etc.

    Categories - that could be a good temporary solution until a proper re-design. Please advise how I edit / add custom fields to a log-on category.

    Is it possible to amend a bank category to add custom fields & fillable app extensions?

    Thanks for your help - appreciated - Teddy

  • Ah - I now see, Ive worked it out - you do it on the web version of 1PW where one can set-up new sections & fields which is not possible on the 1PW6 desk-top version, I wish you had explained that, it would have saved me so much time & frustration.

    Why do the different versions of 1PW operate so differently from each other, Dropbox & Evernote web versions work the same as the desk top versions.

    So - would you recommend that one uses the web version instead of the desktop version, as it is so much more flexible?

    In which case, whats the point of having the desk top version until it catches up with the functionality?

  • saadsaad

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    We are working very hard to eliminate the difference in feature sets between the various platforms 1Password is available on. With accounts, we are slowly closing in that gap and making majority of these features available for each and every platform.

    Of course, two of the features that are not yet available on all platforms is tags and custom fields. The good news is that custom sections and custom fields support is in the works for 1Password 6 for Windows and is available for testing in the latest beta version. It is also on the roadmap for Android development.

    I still strongly recommend using the platform specific apps as they are designed to work very closely with the operating system it is built for and the browser extension. They do have other exclusive functionalities not available on the web client, but at the same time you may need to use the web client for managing administrative tasks like changing permissions and creating vaults.

    As for tag support for Android, I completely understand how important this feature is to you and your family. I really wish I had more to share on this feature right now. I’ll make sure our development team is aware of your situation.

    Just as a possible suggestion, have you considered creating separate vaults to organize your items? I know it won’t do the job of tags, but it may help with differentiating the items between members of your account.

  • Thank you Saad -

    I have been working all today on my 1PW, transferring over from my previous password manager & now I finally "get it"

    I was getting myself concerned that 1PW was not the right password solution for me, having already done a lot of research on the alternatives available in the market place, but I can now see the functionality, flexibility & potential & am now loving 1PW & am sure it is just great for what we need. I am setting up my credit card to continue after the trial period expires

    By using the I can now set-up accounts much more flexibly, & include on-line banking in the same account as «Bank Accounts» & once I have a template easily create a duplicate for other similar accounts, so only having to set-up the new fileds once. Ill use the 1PW6 platform as my everyday reference, once I have finished setting up the many accounts on

    I have already created additional vaults as a crude method of sorting items, it is not a great method, but it will have to do until tags are working in Android.

    Thank you for your support & assistance - I am so pleased that I found 1PW. Looking forward to seeing the new developments being introduced.

    Very best - Teddy

  • periperi

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    Thanks so much for the feedback and kind words, @tv1pw. I will definitely pass this along to Saad.

    We are hoping to support tags soon, so hopefully you won't have to deal with your workaround for too long. Also, great idea with the custom bank accounts!

    I'm so glad you were able to get 1Password working for you. Please let us know if there's anything else you need. :)

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