Why does 1-password log me in to the 'change my password' page on various acts?

I've changed two important accts to 1-password. In order to do that I went into my existing acct and went through the prompts at 'change password'. I used the icon/dropdown menu to generate a 1-password login credential. Now when I open those accts through 1-password I land on the accounts setting page, and in one case in the 'change my password' page. How can I set it so I land on the front page of the site instead. In this case I would like to land in my gmail inbox, and I would like to land in the search engine of Amazon. Please share. Thanks.

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  • matthew_agmatthew_ag 1Password Alumni

    Hi @ari_divine,

    Great question! Thanks for asking - the quickest way to do this is:
    1. Open the website that you would like to log into in your browser.
    2. Then open the web page that shows the username and password fields. If the username and password fields are already shown on the homepage of the website, you're all set. Otherwise, just look around for the link to "Sign In" and that should take you to the login web page.
    3. Once you see those fields then copy the URL from the web browser's navigation bar to the clipboard.
    4. Now open 1Password and find your Login item.
    5. Click "Edit" on your item to open it in Editing mode and paste the URL into the website field.
    6. Save your item.

    Now if you click on your Login item, it should take you to the login page for your website and enter your login details as you would expect.

    Did that work for you?

    Best regards,

  • Hi,

    I was able to update my facebook account to land on my homepage. But in the process, I changed my password. 1 Password generated a new password, and I clicked 'update existing' in the text box generated by 1 password. But then when I went to login again, it showed the old password in 1 password. But my fb account had truly been updated with the newer one. So. What do I need to know? I've gone back through the password recovery process twice now with this issue.

  • Greetings @ari_divine,

    I don't have a Facebook account to test with so I'm a little stumped as to what 1Password has updated if you've gone down the route of updating an existing Login item but it's still showing an old password. We'll have to have somebody look at Facebook and see if we can figure out what has happened but for now I want to see if we can get things working properly again for you.

    Can you see if you have any Password items in your vault? When you use the Password Generator it automatically creates a Password item as a safety net. It should be titled something like Facebook and have a Facebook URL stored in it. If you do find one does it contain the new password? If it does, does the Login item work any better if you copy the password from the Password item and manually edit the Facebook Login item and replace the stored password?

    If you don't have a Password item in your vault can you try looking in the 1Password Trash please and see if you find a recently deleted Password item is there with the correct password. If you try the copying and editing idea from above does that help make the Facebook Login item work better?

    What should happen is 1Password creates the Password item as soon as you either fill or copy the generated password. I've never seen this bit not happen as it's all based on either a mouse click or the standard OS X keyboard shortcuts (assuming a Mac). As I say, it's the safety net. When 1Password asks if you want to update an existing Login item, if it attempts to overwrite a password with one that it also finds in a Password item and for the same domain then it deletes the Password item on the basis that it has served its purpose. So for most people they don't even know Password items are being created if everything goes smoothly. The Password item is a handy backup though but that only helps if you know it exists and why.

    Is there a Password item at all with your new password and does it help get the Facebook Login item working?

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