Unable to change sync type

In the android app it's only possible to enable/disable the Dropbox sync, not change to a different sync type altogether.

Is there a limitation in the android app, and it doesn't support the other types of synchronization that the macOS and iOS does?

Or perhaps this is a bug, or there is a trick that I'm missing.

Thanks in advance.


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    Hi @ekampp. With 1Password 6 on Android, you can configure any supported sync solution, but once you've done so it's not possible to change the sync method without reinstalling or resetting the app. So since you've configured Dropbox syncing, you'll need to reset the app to change to another sync method.

    First things first, make sure to sync your data so that you don't lose any new changes when starting over. Then follow these steps to start over with a new vault.

    Once you've done that, launch 1Password on Android and tap USE WITHOUT AN ACCOUNT, and you can choose the sync method on the next screen.

    Let me know if that helps!

  • Hi @peri

    In this case my dropbox data is no longer available to me. So what you're telling me is that I can either operate with a non-synced version, or I can loose all my data.

    Those are not particularly great options in the light of my current situation.

    Perhaps you can enlighten me as to why the integrity and ability to backup my mobile data is 100% dependent on a 3rd party vendor?


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    @ekampp Do you have you 1Password vault saved anywhere besides the Android device, such as on the Mac or iOS device you mentioned? Also, are you seeing a "vault wasn't found" error on Android?

    If your vault was deleted from Dropbox, you can try restoring it according to these instructions:

    Otherwise, we can use your Mac or a PC to create a new .agilekeychain vault and move it to the correct location in Dropbox in order to restore sync, and then we can reconfigure.

  • Yes, i do have it located somewhere else: Not on Dropbox.

    The issue isn't that I don't understand how Dropbox works, but that I would like to switch sync method. In this case it's because I have closed my Dropbox account. So "moving files into Dropbox" really isn't an option.

    I find it frustrating and very strange that my 1pass installation depends on access to a specific 3rd party provider. So if I decide to switch provider from Dropbox to something else, then I'm at risk of loosing all my data.

    I don't believe this is expected nor very clear when enabling sync on the android devise.

    This is a completely breaking situation for me. When is it expected that android devises will be able to switch 3rd party sync without having to reset and reinstall?

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    Thanks for the update @ekampp. To clarify, your 1Password installation doesn't depend on any third-party providers per se, but as your data isn't stored locally, it only exists where you sync it. In this case, that happens to be a third-party service--Dropbox, but that's not necessary. If you configured sync with local storage, a WLAN server, or if you were using one of our hosted accounts, you wouldn't need Dropbox at all.

    However, once you've configured sync, your data is saved in the sync path, and will only sync there. You mentioned that you have your data located elsewhere--where is it saved now? Is it on another device? If so, is it up to date there?

    You can reset the app on Android and sync with the new location. However, any changes made since the sync path was deleted won't sync, and will be removed when you reset the app. In that case, I recommend securely copying any new items you've added on Android that haven't synced over to your other devices before resetting the app there and reconfiguring sync.

    One more question--was the vault you were syncing on Android a .agilekeychian or a .opvault folder? If it was in OPVault format, you may be able to export it before resetting.

    That said, we are indeed hoping to support reconfiguring sync soon, and I'll add your vote. :)

  • Thanks for your time explaining the situation.

    I will reset the app.

  • periperi

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    No problem! Let me know if you need anything else! :)

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