Send credentials to single user as admin


because I only found closed tickets from last year I'd like to re-open this feature request.

Can you tell us an ETA when we'll be able to send & copy credentials to a single user in our 1Password Team?
Would be great if this also will work if the User didn't accept the invitation yet. This would be allow a much better process for newcomers.


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  • JacobJacob

    Team Member

    Hi @spstone! Thanks for checking in. This is still something we are looking into. I will let the team know you asked about it. :) In the meantime, you can create a vault to share with that member. You can also have a "Sharing" vault which you add and remove people from when you need to share an item with them.

    Being able to share an item or vault with a user who hasn't set up their account yet is a challenge. We have a few ideas to get it rolling though and I'll let the team know you asked about it too.

    ref: B5-1162, B5-2302

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