Suggestion Switching Categories in Vault

jtk21jtk21 Junior Member
edited December 1969 in 1Password 3 – 6 for Mac
It would be very nice if there were some easy way to move an entry from one category, say "Logins," to another, say "Software," without having to enter all the information manually. A simple drag and drop feature in the sidebar would be nice.


  • macpugmacpug Agile Customer Care
    edited December 1969
    You're right, jtk21, and we get that question quite a bit. We're looking at the possibility of adding that. It would really be nice when folks import from another password manager and some info ends up in odd places. Hopefully we'll see that capability in a future update. Thanks for your feedback.
  • cinthiacinthia Junior Member
    edited December 1969
    I know nothing about writing software so apologies if this is a dumb suggestion. I also hope for this feature but wanted to add that if drag and drop isn't feasable, maybe a checkbox in the information entry area where the user could check the desired category. Changing an item would be simple but also, that way an item could be in one or more categories. Thanks for the primary must have Mac software.
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