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  • Problem with wife and my logins on Citibank. Received good advice from Mike T. on 30 Jan 2015. However, the logins began failing so I trashed them to initiate new starts. Now the login always switched quickly too the wife's account regardless which login I enter. Mikes said to login: The I was told to first enter manually then enter username but son't submit yet. Then I click on 1P icon in toolbar, then the gear icon to select New Login and give a Title. Then refresh and ask 1P to fill in new Login. Logins appear but selecting either results wife's being logged in even though mine shows initially when selected the quickly switches to wife's login.

  • Greetings @PatrickHenry,

    I split your query off from the other thread as they were relating to quite different issues even though both were for financial sites. The other one was something specific to 1Password for iOS while this is something else.

    So if I've understood correctly you have two Login items, one for you and one for your wife.

    1. If you look at the two Login items do the username and password fields seem to correctly show the right combinations for you and your wife?
    2. Does the stored URL say anything more than just which is the URL loaded by the Citi site when I visited the URL you kindly supplied.
    3. If you manually visit in your browser, without trying to use 1Password at all do any fields fill and possibly go yellow as a result?

    I'm just trying to think of anything that might explain what you're seeing and the answers to these questions may identify a cause if we're lucky.

    1. No longer. Prior to failing, I could see both user name and password fields and they were correct. Now I cannot use both Logins.
    2. Now if I set up mine, the wife's Login from 1PW will only show my user name and password when I attempt to set up a second Login.. The reverse will happen if I set up the wife's data first. 2.The stored URL you give as does not appear and I must use the URL which Mike T provided in 2015 to arrive at the Citi page. 3. If I manually your URL manually the "active" of the 2 user name / password combo appears. At present, I have left only my Login as active and will continue this way unless I can find a solution. I hope the answers to your queries make sufficient sense to allow research. Thanks.
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    @PatrickHenry: I'm not having any trouble logging into my own Citi account using 1Password at either of these URLs:

    Of course, I really don't like having to click that annoying button at the top to have the webpage slowly unfurl the login form, so I prefer this URL:

    I'm not sure why you wouldn't be able to access the URL lil bobby mentioned since it loads fine here. Perhaps there's something wrong with your browser. Unfortunately it's impossible to know what might be going on with your system since you didn't include any information about the OS, 1Password, browser, or extension versions you're using.

    In many cases manually saving a new login for the site will allow 1Password to save additional information from the form to fill better. Just follow these steps to manually save a new login:

    1. Navigate to
    2. Enter your login credentials
    3. Click the 'keyhole' icon to bring up the extension
    4. Click the 'gear' icon for Settings
    5. Click Save New Login
    6. Give it a name and Save
    7. Close the webpage and select your new login from the extension to have 1Password Go & Fill
    8. Submit the form manually if you have autosumbit disabled

    Let me know how it turns out!

  • I will do as you suggested but I think my explanation of the problem must not have been clear. The problem is that we have 2 accounts:
    one in my name and one in my wife's name. I currently only can do one 1PW Login (in my name now). If I add another Login (in my wife's name) with different LogIn title, user name and password, I will get only the user name and password info from my Title when trying to use my wife's.

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    @PatrickHenry: Ah, I see. Yes, I definitely misunderstood. Unfortunately I think I'm only halfway there with regard to understanding completely. Can you give me an example scenario? it sounds like you're saying you cannot save/fill multiple Citi logins using 1Password, and since that's certainly not a limitation of the app I'm sure I'm missing something. Thanks for being patient with me. I'm sure we'll come up with a solution! :)

  • Example: I currently have only my Login in 1PW and it functions. If I attempt to add a Login for my wife (different CC #; using different User ID and password) my user ID and password appear when using any of the 3 URLs you mention 2 communications ago. To enter new User ID and password to accommodate my wife's details I must erase or type over my details. This results in neither of us having Login capability. I can rescue one or the other by placing one in Trash and changing the password in the other which requires obtaining s certification code from Citi. I have tried this after cleaning the history and doing a shutdown/restart. I currently use an iMac which I have had since 2009 (and will soon replace); operating system is macOS Sierra 10.12.2; Safari version is 10.0.2. I do not know how to find extension version but always do suggested updates promptly. The strange thing is that these Logins functioned with no problems after I used the suggestion provided by Mike T in January 2015 but suddenly have refused to work. All help greatly appreciated.

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    @PatrickHenry: This doesn't sound like 1Password at all, but rather the website or browser is saving and restoring the login, so that trying to login with the other account after using one has the first still shown there.

    In Safari, go to Preferences > Autofill and disable the options there. Then go to Preferences > Privacy > Manage Website Data, search for "citi", and click Remove All.

    Follow my instructions above but take care not to click the checkbox on the login page to "remember" the username, etc. Save a login first for your account and verify that it works, and then do the same for hers as well.

    Then when you want to login to Citi, you can do one of two things:

    1. Open the 1Password menu in your browser and search for "citi", then select which login you want to use to Go & Fill
    2. If you're already at the Citi login page, open the 1Password menu and select the login you want to fill

    I hope this helps. Let me know how you get along! :)

  • I now have both Logins which work after assigning new passwords to both through the Citi program. The only remaining problem is that I often must enter my user name and password manually (but not my wife's) to fully enter - a small nuisance as it does eventually function.
    Thanks for the assistance.

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    @PatrickHenry: I'm glad that helped, but it sounds like we're not all the way through yet. Can you tell me the exact steps you're taking and where you're running into trouble? If it's simpler, take a screenshot of this. To include it in your reply, simply click the document button in the top of the comment field, and select the file you wish to share:

    Just be sure not to post any sensitive information here, as this is a public forum. I'm at a loss to imagine why you'd need to manually enter anything instead of having 1Password fill it. Thanks in advance!

  • On my Login: Double-Click entry page from 1PW Login or All Items list. User ID appears correctly, Password does not appear. Above User ID "Try again" appears. To right "Forgot your User ID or Password" appears." Below this on right, "Reset Password." appears. NOTE: Initially, the Password (...........) appears very momentarily then disappears and the page described above is present. I manually enter the password and all is OK. On my wife's account, I double-click from 1PW Login or All Items list and proper page appear. Note: I entered my account info first and all functioned properly - then entered my wife's account info and mine now requires manual password entry. Go figure. Thanks in advance for any help.
    Could not manage a meaningful screenshot without sensitive info.

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    Could not manage a meaningful screenshot without sensitive info.

    @PatrickHenry: I understand. We'll figure this out one way or another.

    It sounds like you may have a URL for a failed login attempt saved ("Try again"). Can you tell me the exact URL you have in each login item — both yours and your wife's? Copy and paste them directly. I think that's the key, as it's the only way I'm able to get anything like what you're describing.

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    ME: ?[edited by moderator]

    WIFE: ?[edited by moderator]

    Now my login does not work at all due to the password on my wife's login being also placed in my account. Hers works mine does not.
    Thanks for your persistence but it may be better if I only use one login (mine) as my wife's card does not see much action.

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    @PatrickHenry: Oh dear. I think that's it alright. The first URL ("me") seems to be a password reset link, and the second ("wife") includes some sort of token. It seems like that's why you're having so much trouble between the two. I've removed both just in case for security reasons, but I think that gives me enough to go on. Please do the following:

    Edit each login to remove the current saved URL, and replace it with this:

    Here's what it should look like:

    Essentially each Citi login, belonging to you and your wife respectively, should be identical to this, only with different username/password. Even the title can be the same, as 1Password for Mac will show the username next to the login title if the titles are identical:

    Once they're saved, open one in the browser and make sure it loads the page and fills your login credentials. Then logout, close the browser, and do the same with your wife's account. I think that should do the trick for you. Let me know how it turns out! :)

  • Sorry, but still drawing a blank. On both Logins I attempted your suggestion. I received the following: Safari Can't Find the Server.
    Safari can"t open the page," Safari can't find the server,

    I then attempted the URL suggested by Mike T in January 2015 and found it would not work either.

    I really appreciate your efforts but I am thinking that I am going backward and maybe it would be better if I forgot about 1PW and Citi in tandem.

  • Hello @PatrickHenry,

    Brenty's URL is slightly different and just one small typo will result in a heartless error message such as the one you've received. Can you try with please (the difference is online versus line).

  • It looks like all is OK now despite my dumb fingers. As always, thanks for all the help.

  • Hello @PatrickHenry,

    Typos are so easy to do, especially with URLs :smile: If everything is working properly now that's great but if anything is amiss please do let us know.

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