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I just signed up for 1Password Families and have been slowly setting it up on my personal devices, which has been pretty smooth so far. I was discussing with my wife about setting her up as well, but she brought up the question of accessing passwords on her work computer. Unfortunately, I don't think she has admin privileges at work, which makes things a bit more complicated.

How would she access her passwords in this scenario?

Would she need to enter our account key every time she accesses our 1Password Families site?

If she can access her passwords, would she still be able to use the fill-in function? I'm not sure she'll want to use 1Password if she'll need to look up and manually enter a complicated password every time she logs in to her email.



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    @aj_lawrence: If she is the only user of this machine, or it's locked down so that she is the only one who has access to the user account she's using, then the Account Key can be stored locally so that only the Master Password needs to be entered to login to after the first authorization. However, this will not allow saving and filling. Browser integration needs the main 1Password app. Copying and pasting is less convenient than that, but still moreso than manually entering passwords — especially long, strong, unique ones we use 1Password for in the first place. I hope this helps. Be sure to let me know if you have any other questions! :)

  • Assuming your wife is working on a Windows Active Directory domain, you could have her submit a tech support ticket requesting that the 1Password 6 Desktop app & browser plugin be installed on her workstation through a group policy object (GPO). This would allow those apps to be installed the next time she logs on to the domain. They may also need to install the .NET 4.6.2 Framework since 1Password depends on it. Any knowledgeable tech support geek should be able to accommodate this request, especially if they consider the positive impact to their own security by her using 1Password. *wink*

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    @jiminicfl: Nicely put. Thanks for sharing that incredibly pragmatic approach! ;)

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