I purchased the application for my MacBook Pro and put in all of my passwords but when I try and login for my account key at it says it doesn't recognize me. I also need to add it to my iPhone and iPad please help


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    Hi @danks,

    Thanks for taking the time to contact us. I'm sorry you're having some trouble.

    I searched our system to see if I could find an account of yours at, but I wasn't able to find one. I only searched for the email address you used to sign up for this forum, though, since it's all I had to go on.

    It sounds like perhaps you have not signed up for a 1Password account subscription, but may have purchased a 1Password standalone license instead. Learn more about the difference between a account and standalone license.

    An easy way to tell is, if you purchased 1Password on the Mac App Store, then you have a standalone license. Could that be the case?

    Also, are you able to access your passwords in the 1Password app on your Mac? I just want to make sure that the only problem you're having so far is that you can't access your passwords on the website in your browser. If you purchased 1Password on the Mac App Store and never created an account on, then that is to be expected.

    Let me know the answers to the above, and we can take it from there.


  • I am having the same issue. Can you assist me?

  • FrankFrank

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    Hi Trae - Thank you for reaching out to us. I just sent you an email so we can continue the conversation over there :-) Reply back to me when your ready. Have a fantastic day!

    ref: PKD-34245-189

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