How to hide forum categories?

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Is there any way to hide individual categories on this board that I don't typically read?

(If I click on the gear icon and choose 'Mute', nothing happens - the category still appears even after I do that.)

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  • This was possible in the past, but not anymore I've been told.

  • brentybrenty

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    @Mr. Laser Beam: Indeed, as XIII mentioned, I remember this was possible in the past, and I guess I missed the memo where this stopped working. We'll bring this up with the forum software developer to see if there's a solution. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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    I just wanted to follow up with a clarification here. XIII and I were thinking of the old "Hide" option for discussions, which was removed because it had too many confusing side effects. In it's place now is the "Mute" feature, which works very differently. Muting a category simply removes new comments there from showing up in your Recent Discussions feed. Definitely confusing, but I hope that helps clear things up.

  • Could you elaborate on the 'confusing side effects' that the hide option caused. It seemed quite straightforward to me - a topic was either shown or not. The main problem I found with it on an iPad was that it was too close to the 'mark read' option which meant it was too easy to touch mistakenly.

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    There was no clear and obvious way to unhide individual sub-forums.

    It does seem a bit sideways to eliminate the feature rather than fix the basic flaw in the first place. But the Vanilla folks think they know best, and have a touch of the NIH syndrome.

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    Indeed, I hid some things accidentally more than once, and of course unhiding them was not discoverable. You had to know first that something was missing, and then seek out a secret URL to show it again so you could unhide it permanently. I do sort of miss that feature, but without intuitive controls it really didn't benefit many people.

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