How can I force a login to sync on a shared vault? (or how long does it take to sync?)

My wife and I are using a shared family vault. I created a new login from my computer onto the shared vault. I'm then trying to have her use the new login from her computer, but it takes more than minutes for the sync to occur. I've tried closing / locking the 1password app and restarting/relogging in, but it doesn't help. 1password Windows App shows the login was created over 30mins ago. And 1password app on my wife's computer still doesn't show the login. :-1:

1Password Version: 6.1.296d
Extension Version: 6.1.296d
OS Version: Win10
Sync Type: 1Password Family
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  • away168away168
    edited December 2016

    Just updated to 6.2.333d and noticed a new section "Offline Changes".
    In it, it includes the new login that I created --- and that it hasn't synced.

    I guess now the question is, is there a force refresh on the "offline changes"?

    It looks like I may be dealing with an authentication issue:

    I'm constantly getting a "Way Family authentication error, please sign in again."

    When I click on that - it defaults my sign-in address as "" rather than ""

    I've created the diagnostic report - and took a quick look and it looks like 1password is forgetting my "sign-in address".

    Please advise.

  • Ok, I fixed the issue, by removing / signing out of my 1password account from the desktop app - and then re-setting it up -- but in the process, I lost all my "offline changes". guh...

  • brentybrenty

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    Indeed, when you removed the account from 1Password it removed the data associated with it as well. In the future, please let us work with you to get any issues sorted out to avoid data loss. It sounds like you shouldn't have any further issues since you're using the correct login credentials now and 1Password can authenticate and send future changes, but please reach out if you run into any trouble.

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