Still no browser extension for Family on PC? The entire family version is basically pointless now

If you have no plans on releasing a browser extension - or your developers are incapable of doing so... then just announce it and kill the family version. It's completely pointless in having a version of your program that is pointless in storing secure passwords. I have a paid standalone license for the program and it's great - because it has working extensions for browsers.. but the family version.. completely useless. And yes, I've googled and searched.. and people have been asking for this for almost a year now. So my question is... w t f. why are you charging a recurring fee for this? You should just charge a lump $10 and be done with it.. because without a browser extension, that's about as much as it's worth. I have no idea why you would even release it without this feature. And you charge an on-going fee for it? That's called highway robbery.

  • Very Disappointed.

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