Have browser extensions prompt to change password if site is flagged in Security Audit?

It would be great if the browser extensions would somehow alert us that we should update passwords on websites that are shown in the Security Audit section of 1Password.

I've got way too many sites in the Watchtower/Duplicate Password section from before using 1Password. It would take forever to actually go through them all, and I suspect many other users are in the same boat. If the 1Password browser extensions would let us know that we should update my password on all of these sites as we actually visit them, there's a lot less effort needed to just update our passwords while we're there, and it would help many users improve their online security!

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  • Hi @ankushg,

    It's an interesting idea, I assume you're hoping for something like a little badge on the icon to indicate 1Password has found something or some sort of banner in the 1Password mini menu if you happen to use it?

  • Yup, both of those would be perfect!

    The main idea is to encourage users to gradually develop unique passwords, rather than be faced with the intimidating list in the Security Audit section. There's much less friction to change your password once you're already on a site, and this way, we can get a lot of low-hanging fruit with the more frequently used accounts developing unique passwords quickly. This is especially useful for newer users of 1Password, who have tons of accounts they created long before using 1Password's password generation.

  • jxpx777jxpx777 Code Wrangler 1Password Alumni

    Thanks for the feedback, @ankushg. We definitely want to explore how we can help 1Password be more proactive for users and the browser extension is definitely part of that. The way things work right now, a badge approach would need some reworking of our architecture and how much the browser extension communicates with the main 1Password application, but I do think it's something we could be doing. Your idea to have 1Password check at the time you're signing in to a site whether there is a Watchtower concern or if a password change is otherwise in order is quite interesting and one I think is worth pursuing.

    I can say that a change this significant won't be part of 1Password 6 as we're beginning to turn our attention toward 1Password 7, but I can't make any promises about when or if this idea will make it in.


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