Running Cloud & Computer Based Vaults Simultaneously

I have had the legacy 1Password programs installed in my personal Mac & iPhone and on a Windows laptop at work. I had used Dropbox to sync the personal machines but, due to company policy, had to manually sync my vault on the Windows laptop.

I just signed up for the cloud service and have it set up on my personal machines. However, because I have work logins on my Windows computer, I am not sure my company will want me to have them in a cloud they don't control. Is it possible to run two vaults (one that remains on the computer and one from 1Password's cloud service) on the same computer?

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    Yes but there is a limitation right now in 1Password 6 for Windows. 1Password 6 for Windows can do both the accounts and local vaults but it can only write to the 1Password accounts. Local vaults are read-only and you can sync local vaults via Dropbox, OneDrive or via local folder on the drive.

    We will bring full support for local vaults to 1Password 6 for Windows but no timeframe on this.

    Since the local vault would be on the work computer, you would need to use 1Password 4 for Windows to handle the local vault locally while using 1Password 6 for your account. You can switch between them if you need to but it will be a bit difficult to use, you can find out more here.

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