Can't sync via iCloud or via Trial account

I initially purchased the app for my Mac in the iTunes Store for $65 (I was hoping to pay a one time fee). I set up my vault and tried to sync via iCloud but got message that there was a previously set up account associated with my iTunes ID and I can't remember my master password. I didn't want to sync via Dropbox so I then signed up for a trial acct. I see the my vault in my online account but data isn't syncing to my iPhone and I don't have an option to set up syncing through the account. I'm not sure if I have multiple accounts now (local and online) or what I need to do to sync.

I'd like to do one of the following:

1) Sync via iTunes
2) Sync using my online account. If I need to subscribe to do this that's fine, but can I get $65 in credit since I paid that already?

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