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I purchased a Samsung phone now I need to get to the password info I had on the old phone. When I use the add an account it ask me for information I did not have for the old account. What do I do


  • DanielPDanielP

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    Hi @joe_orangetree,

    If you don't have a subscription account, you don't have to login. What you want to do is choose the option named Use without an account to configure your app ;)

    This guide also has some screenshots of the process. Let me know if you managed to get up and running on your new phone!

  • When I open my account it brings up a sign in page---sign-in address (do not have this)
    Account key (do not have one)
    The account will not open unless I fill these spots out.
    I need to get into my old account which was on my IPhone with just my password the way I used to.
    However, the Samsung seems to be a different approach not sure if it is the phone or the app

  • DanielPDanielP

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    Hey @joe_orangetree

    When I launch 1Password on my Android device, this is what I see:

    If I select Sign in to your 1Password account, I get to the same screen that you are describing. If you end up there, you should be able to go back to this screen by tapping the back arrow next to Add account at the top of the screen.

    You will not be able to login here because only folks with a have a sign-in address and account key. So you really have to choose the option named Use without an account ;)

  • ok, so it appears that even after following this process I still cannot log into my old account to see my passwords saved there. It appears I just have to start all over. This is very frustrating.

  • periperi

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    Hi @joe_orangetree. Thanks for the update.

    Prior to changing devices, had you configured sync with Dropbox, iCloud, or WLAN? Also, do you have 1Password data on any other devices? We don't host your local 1Password for Android data, so unless you're using one of our new hosted accounts (it doesn't sound like you were), we won't be able to recover it for you.

    However, if you have access to the old device, or if you've synced anywhere, we can certainly help migrate your data to your new phone.

    Let us know what you find out! Thanks!

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