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  • I'd like to switch to use of Family and Team accounts. For Teams, I work for a huge corporation and years ago asked 1Password if they could replicate what I was using LastPass Enterprise for in 2010-2011, and am glad to see Team accounts seem to have addressed that need. Nice work! I can see this as useful for what we need and hope to get others onboard with this method.

    I've been a long-term user of 1Password since 2010, and have purchased licenses via iTunes or App store for my Macs, my iPhone, my iPad, my wife's iPhone, and Windows, which adds up to a non-trivial amount. I'm adding my son, and looking for a team-based solution, and have finally gotten around to looking to switch to accounts.

    I'm curious as to how you guys handle situations like me. I'd like to think you can do something to reward such long-term multi-platform loyalty as you roll out these new account features.

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    @mcrawford: We've had a few pretty big promotions this past year when we launched the various 1Password.com services, but those have since ended. However, if you'll shoot us an email at [email protected] with copies of your purchase receipts, we'll see if there's something else we can do for you. Happy new year! :)

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