How do I see the item a document is attached to?

This has crept up for me as an issue multiple times. I look for something like "SSL Certificate", I find the document, but the doc is attached to an item that has the SSL passphrase on it, but I can't find the item so that I can get the pass phrase.

What do I do in this situation?

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  • rudyrudy

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    edited January 2017

    Hi @jfelchner,

    Unfortunately it doesn't look like there's a way currently to show the related item from a particular document. I checked our bug tracker to see if we were tracking such a request and it looks like we are under the identifier OPM-4303.

    My only temporary suggestion would be to put the associated passphrase on the document item itself as a password field in a custom section.


    ref: OPM-4303

  • @rudy, thanks for the response. That is indeed unfortunate.

  • brentybrenty

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    This is something I'd appreciate too, but I suspect I don't miss it as much as I should since I've long had the habit of "key wording" my items for search purposes. Both custom fields (as Rudy suggested) and Notes are useful for this in the mean time, but we definitely want to making linking more intuitive in the future as well. Thanks for bringing this up! :)

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