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More a suggestion than a question, but...

I'm in the UK, and payment by card in $ is relatively expensive. I'd prefer to pay for 1password monthly, and the only option is using a credit/debit card.

However, my bank charges £1.50 and an additional £0.10 for payments in other currencies.On top of the (relatively) extortionate exchange rates, this brings a month of 1password in at £5.48 - basically $7.

I'll opt for a yearly subscription instead to avoid incurring this fee monthly, but payment in other currencies and/or via PayPal would be a nice touch.


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  • RomanRoman 1Password Alumni

    @davewhiteford - We'll certainly consider adding additional payment options in the future. Thanks for letting us know you'd like to use PayPal and/or other currencies! :)

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