Chrome extension stopped working in the Yandex.Browser v.17


I've just updated Yandex.Browser (Chrome-based) from one major version (16.x) to a new one ( (64-bit)) and Chrome extension stopped working with the following message: "Browser could not be verified". Tried to reinstall extension / check updates through Mac App Store and even moving to the beta channel for the extension itself doesn't help. I also updated to the macOS 10.12.3 last night - haven't checked 1Password extension after that. However, it's working in the Chrome & Safari now.

Is this a known issue or just something went wrong on my laptop?

1Password Version: 1Password Version 6.5.3 (653001) Mac App Store
Extension Version:
OS Version: macOS Sierra 10.12.3
Sync Type: iCloud


  • Hi @Andrey Brindeyev,

    I believe they may have switched certificates used to sign the application. As a result 1Password (specifically the application, not the extension) cannot verify the browser code signature. Until we can update 1Password with the new signature it will mean 1Password cannot verify the Yandex browser.

    Is Yandex your default browser? I'm just wondering how badly this affects you until we can get 1Password updated or if you're happy to use another in the meanwhile.

  • Well, for the work stuff I use Chrome and Yandex is for personal stuff. I'm having a sort of vacation right now and need it most but realized it was broken this morning.

    I can use Safari as a backup, no problem. However, for the local (websites using russian language in the Russia) I prefer Yandex.

    Just want to report this so you can fix it when you can.

    Thanks for the awesome app!

  • jxpx777jxpx777 Code Wrangler 1Password Alumni
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    Thanks, Andrey. We'll get this updated soon, but it might take a little while for the update to be available for all users. Stay tuned!

    Jamie Phelps
    Code Wrangler @ AgileBits
    Fort Worth, Texas

    ref: OPM-4751

  • Hi guys,

    any updates on this issue? I did send you an email request but it seems like you are aware of this.
    I use only Yandex browser and do need my extension to work.

    Will appreciate your feedback.


  • Hi @Cebcom,

    We should hopefully have this resolved in the next version of 1Password for Mac but unfortunately I cannot say when it will be released. We hope it will be soon.

  • CebcomCebcom
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    Hi @littlebobbytables

    thanks for quick reply. Based on your reply I can understand that Yandex browser will not be supported.
    Or maybe it will be, one day. Or maybe never.

    Which is a little strange as I would expect the product I paid money for (separately for Mac, iOS, Android) to keep working with browser it used to work a couple of weeks ago. Or at least to have firm date when it will be fixed.


  • Greetings @Cebcom,

    1Password maintains a list of confirmed certificates for supported browsers. It is unfortunate that Yandex seemed to have replaced the certificate they were using as it requires we manually update our list inside the 1Password application and we need to release a new stable version to get this into people's hands. This can take time depending on where we are in the update cycle. I wish I could offer an ETA but there are so many factors outside of our control that it could easily be delayed. As I say, hopefully it's soon.

  • Hi @littlebobbytables and thanks again for quick response.

    I understood your point, I just can not accept it. I use 1Password as of the very first release (Mac only) back in 2006.
    I never used any other password managers ever since. Needless to say I was paying for each new version you release on Mac as well as for iOS and Android clients. I did it because 1Password met all my requirements and I was happy. Just as Yandex browser meets my requirements and I now use it exclusively across all platforms. Majority of 1Password use for me is website autofills. 1Password not working for Yandex browser is like buying a car and be forced by the seller to use it on two wheels only.

    Being your loyal user for over a decade I just can't accept your reply that I can not use 1Password with my favorite browser anymore and no one knows when will it be possible. Obviously I can't force you to do anything but if loosing one loyal user is not that of a big problem for you and above reply is your final response I'll just amend my app reviews in App Store and Google Play store and will be forced to start looking for alternatives.

  • Greetings @Cebcom,

    I am not able to offer an ETA as to when the next version of 1Password will be available. This is just the policy here at AgileBits as it is felt it is much better to not make a promise that we cannot keep and there are many factors that can potentially delay a release.

    Yandex's use of a new certificate does mean there is a period where the current version of 1Password cannot verify Yandex and it is unfortunate and no doubt frustrating. It will be rectified but I am unable to give you a precise date as to when this will be.

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