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I'm using 1Password on Firefox Developer Edition and I love the default dark theme that it comes with. Unfortunately the 1Password icon doesn't look as great on the theme.

Thank you for the awesome product!

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  • brentybrenty

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    @jagtalon: Last I checked, Mozilla had a bug open for this, since there's no way to specify a different icon. Ah, here it is! Hopefully it's something that will be possible — and easy! — in a future version. Cheers! :)

    ref: OPX-905

  • Just to update this, Firefox 53 released a couple of days ago and this dark theme is now available to the public.
    As you can see, the icon still looks awful, not only is it barely visible, but it is also clipped.

    The "Add to pocket icon" seems to change colour with the theme, so I'm not sure if it's possible or not. Pushbullet have an option to toggle between coloured and dark icon in their settings, so maybe that is the way to go (although, I hope they add a white/light icon).

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    @lxalln: Thanks for following up! I'm still not seeing how it would be possible for 1Password to do this itself (and the aforementioned Mozilla issue is still open), but I think given this theme is now available to more people it would be nice to have 1Password get along better with the dark side.

    Okay that sounded ominous. :crazy:

    Anyway, I'm not going to lie: this isn't a high priority for us (especially given the changes we're making to support future versions of Firefox with our extension), but after spending a little time playing with this (confusingly, it's an add-on) I wonder if there's a much simpler solution. Cheers! :)

  • I noticed this too and also in Chrome:

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    Thanks, @ChocolateCheesecake!


    ref: OPX-1362

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