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Hello there,

Could you guys told us when the following features will be available in the 1Password 6 Windows client:

  • Drag & drop support (for eg drag an entry on a tag, or out of a tag)
  • Mass editing (for eg to add/modify a field on several entries at the same time)
  • A tag editor (maybe more efficient than editing the tag field on an entry)
  • Better export features (we can't do anything serious on the currently exported CVS format)
  • Watchtower
  • Maybe some visual customization settings (because who likes the big huge fonts? :chuffed: )

Thanks for your feedback.


  • GregGreg

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    Hello @briceio,

    Thank you for reaching out and for your interest in 1Password! :chuffed:

    We try to avoid to make any promises or set any timeframes for our software. For example, you can assume that a new update will be ready in a week, but then you find a bug you need to fix, then do QA all over again, and it is a really time consuming process. As a result, your customers are not happy, because you don't deliver on your promise to get the update out in a week. It is a lose-lose situation. :angry:

    As for your suggestions, that is quite a list you have there. :) I am not even sure we have mass editing in 1Password for Mac and it is much much older than 1Password for Windows. All of your suggestions will be passed along to our Windows team for further consideration. Some of the features are already planned in future updates, some of them are new, so we will have a discussion. I am sorry I don't have a timeframe for you, I hope for your understanding.

    Am I right to understand that you are interested in using 1Password with your team? Please let us know. Thanks!


  • Hello Greg,

    Thanks for your reply. Being a developper myself I do know what are release cycles and QA testing... ;-)

    Maybe you guys should think about the idea to use some kind of software like Useresponse to help you prioritize features to your software. Might be a good way to keep satisfaction of your customer base.

    Thanks for your feedback, I will stay tuned to test new incoming features ;-)

  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai

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    Hi @briceio,

    Thanks for your suggestion, that is something we're doing internally and we might actually do a public one in the future once we get 1Password.com experience replicated consistently across all platforms, so that both us and our customers can use one list for everyone. Right now, internally, we have a very complex interlinked system of several trackers (different systems as well) following the development on each platform since we have a separate development team for each platform, in addition to the 1Password browser extensions and 1Password.com web/API teams. We want to reduce this over time to one and one that may be in fact be public.

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