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Hi guys, I really like your application and have been using it for a while on ios and windows using dropbox to sync. I really don't want to have my data in yet another cloud service. I appreciate that you have a business to run and need to make being profitable a priority... but...

Can you please set out a timeline for when you plan to have the windows version of 1Password6 usable with opvaults or when you are going to upgrade v4 to something that doesn't look like it belongs on WindowsXP. You are able to have the ios and mac versions working fine and yet still updated. Why is windows such a third rate player in your ecosystem, is the demand really that low? Do you outsource your development for the windows version?

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    Hi @justNate,

    Thanks for writing in.

    As per policy, we do not share any timeframes for anything, we simply don't know and even if we do share it, there is no assurance it will be met and this is true for all platforms we're on. We ship as soon as it is coded, tested internally and externally, we don't hold back for a release date or anything like that.

    1Password 6 will not be an upgrade to 1Password 4 until we implement the features that 1Password 4 has and that includes full local vault support. It wouldn't be fair to offer an upgrade that is less than what 1Password 4 has.

    1Password 6 for Windows is not being built for 1Password.com service only, it simply is a new program that needs time to implement all the features that 1Password 4 had over the last 6+ years, which applies to both 1Password.com and local vaults. The other platforms did not have to have a new program, they are using mature codebases that is easily accommodated for 1Password.com service and newer features. The only reason we can't write to local vaults in 1Password 6 is because it requires a lot of development to add support for two separate data formats (Agile Keychain / OPVault) and internal format changes from the past decade whereas 1Password.com servers take care of all of that for us and passes it into the app. It means the app is much more simpler and quicker to add support for 1Password.com. Each feature we add to 1Password 6 benefits both 1Password.com and local vault users and takes us a step closer to the full local vault support.

    Do you outsource your development for the windows version?

    There is nothing outsourced at AgileBits. Every platform is headed by its own engineering team working on native code, taking advantage of the OS features. In this case, 1Password 6 for Windows is being developed entirely by a newer and larger team and it is in being developed in a different language with new tooling that's taking advantage of the latest Microsoft technologies. That also meant we couldn't reuse a single thing from 1Password 4, thus it is taking us much longer than usual. We have every goals to catch up and stay on parity with the unified and far larger macOS/iOS team and Android team, we just need to get there first before we all start releasing features at the same time on all platforms.

    However, we do have to emphasize that 1Password.com service will get far more integrated features in all 1Password products than any other third party sync service including Dropbox and we do recommend that you give it a try because Dropbox support in 1Password will not have all features either, this is due to the nature of us controlling the entire product from the top to bottom.

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