Windows Chrome extension missing 2Factor auth functionaliaty

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Longtime Mac user. I'm used to being able to right click on a login and easily copy my 2Factor code for pasting into a website. With 1Password 6 on Windows, this feature is missing. Right clicking a login in the Chrome 1Password 6 extension only displays the username and password fields, not 2Factor as it is in the macOS version.

Please add a Copy: 2Factor auth key to the extension, it's critical to my workflow.

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    Hi @zorrobyte,

    Thanks for writing in.

    1Password 6 for Windows support auto-copying the TOTP code to your clipboard when you fill a Login item. This is turned off by default but you can turn it on.

    1. Open the main 1Password app, unlock and go to Settings on top right (gear icon), select Options
    2. Go to Browsers and check the box next to Copy One-Time Password to clipboard after filling

    After this, when the site ask for the TOTP code, focus the field and paste it in.

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