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I have sent you two emails but haven't received a reply to either, so I'll try posting my question on the board.

I currently have been using the 30 day trial and want to purchase the Family Plan. I only have two more days until my trial runs out. When I open my 1PW on my computer and go to Preferences > Accounts and click on Subscribe Now, I'm taken only to the Standard Plan. How do I make the purchase for the Family Plan?

Also, can you point me to where I can read how I go about setting the others up on the Family Plan? I'm hoping there is a step-by-step instruction page available.

Thank you.


1Password Version: 6.5.3
Extension Version: 6.4.2
OS Version: 10.12.2
Sync Type: iCloud


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    Hi @RCMjr ,

    Thanks for reaching out! :smile:

    Please accept my most sincere apologies for the delay in our response. We have been receiving a much larger amount of support e-mails than normal lately and are working through them as best as possible.

    It looks like you are currently on the Individual plan, which is why you are getting redirected to that page. If you would like to upgrade your account to the family plan, please follow these instructions:

    Upgrading to the Family Plan:

    • Please click on the "Invite Members" option under the menu after you sign in on 1Password.com. For your convenience, the option can be seen below.

    • Once this is done, you will be presented with a couple of options that will allow you to decide how you would like to proceed. Please choose the "Family" option, as you want to upgrade to a family account. The button/option should look something like the one in the below screenshot:

    • Once you follow the on-screen instructions from this point, your account will be upgraded to the Family plan.

    Adding Family Members:

    • Click on the "Admin Console" option after signing into your account on 1Password.com. For your convenience, a screenshot of this can be seen below.

    • Click on the "Family Members" tab. For your convenience, a screenshot of this can be seen below.

    • Click on the icon.

    • Input the user's e-mail addresses that you want to invite. The popup where you can do this should look something like the one in the below screenshot.

    • Click on the "Send Invitations" button.

    Hopefully, this helps, but please do not hesitate to ask if you have any further questions or concerns!

  • Brian,

    Thanks. I'm sure I'll be back with further questions.


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