Safari, spinning wheel, unresponsive for several seconds

zevlagzevlag Junior Member

Often when I use the 1password mini extension to fill a form with CMD+\, or click on the icon and copy a password, I get a spinning wheel in Safari. I had this problem with the released version, so I updated the beta release of both the App and the extensions. It still occurs. I never see this problem when using Chrome.

It will freeze the browser for several seconds, and then it recovers. I can't scroll the page or anything while it's frozen, but it will suddenly scroll the rest of the page when it recovers.

I feel like this has gone on for a long time with 1password and safari. I think I remember it happening in OS X Yosemite as well.

1Password Version: 6.6.BETA-4 (660004)
Extension Version: 4.6.3b1
OS Version: MacOS 10.12.2
Sync Type: Dropbox


  • ag_kevinag_kevin Junior Member

    AgileBits Team Member

    Hi @zevlag ,

    It sounds like something is slowing down the communications between the 1Password browser extension and 1Password. Do you have any anti-virus software or firewall software installed? If so, if you momentarily turn it off, does that alleviate the problem?


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