Can you link multiple sites to a single password entry?

I find that sometimes where multiple sites use the same username/password (e.g. they are owned by the same company or use the same authentication server), I have to have multiple entries in 1Password.

For example, I have an entry for and and all with the same details, because that's how eBay works. If I don't have multiple entries, I can't auto-complete; and if update one of these, I have to remember to update all of them or it will become a game of find-the-correct-password later on :-)
Is there a better way around this? I know it's a bit of a first world problem :-)


  • mixturemixture Junior Member
    I haven't found a way. But I agree. Amazon is another example I think. And there are others.

    Hopefully this kind of behavior will be made available in the future. +1
  • DBrownDBrown 1Password Alumni
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    Please try this:
    1. On the Logins tab of 1Password preferences, click the Domain Mapping button.
    2. In the Domain Matching dialog box, click the upper Add button.
    3. In the Domain Name dialog box, type the name of one of the sites, and click the OK button.
    4. For each of the other domains:
      1. In the Domain Matching dialog box, click the lower Add button.
      2. In the Domain Name dialog box, type the domain name, and click the OK button.

    5. When you finish setting up the matching for all the domains you want to equate, click the OK button to close the Domain Matching dialog box.

    Please let us know whether that helps.
  • David,

    just tried playing with this. Can you get in a bit more detail how this is implemented?
    Do I need login entried for each site with just having username/password empty? Or I don't?
    What in cases where the username/password is identical (common authentication infrastructure) but the fields to enter the data are completely different?
    The way I would like to set this up is the following:
    - manually create a dummy login record to hold the credentials
    - for each site that relies on these credentials, link it to the dummy.
    Is that possible? If not, how would I implement this?
    And how is password change handled across the linked domains?

    thanks a lot for your help!
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    username/password is irrelevant. It's the domain name that decides what login(s) are presented in our browser extension(s). Because a login item is associated with a single domain (for example:, it does not appear in our browser extension(s) when another domain (for example: is currently loaded in your web browser. In other to associate your login item with both and, you can match and here: File > Preferences (Ctrl+P) > Logins > Domain Matching.

    Thanks, Stefan.
  • DBrownDBrown 1Password Alumni
    Till, that's what the instructions above are for.

    I hope they help!
  • hesspaulhesspaul Junior Member

    Does this feature still exist? I don't see Domain Mapping in my logins tab in preferences (version 3.8.21).

    I need to make equivalent to since they seem to send me back and forth between the two willy nilly.

  • khadkhad Social Choreographer

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    In Windows, domain matching is only available in Internet Explorer. You can add a domain in 1Password's preferences on the IE tab.

    That said, the all new "linked accounts" or "multiple domains per Login" is a v4 feature. It is already available on iOS where 1Password 4 has debuted and will be available on Mac and Windows in v4 as well. Thanks for letting us know you will appreciate it when it is available. :D

    If we can be of further assistance in the meantime, please let us know. We are always here to help!

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