Can't make connection to server (-1200)


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    Hi again,

    i'm re-opening this because i have another problem. I think that my first problem and the second are linked.
    It seems like i have two accounts with the same address (

    Yesterday i've uploaded my beta app. After that, the app couldn't connect to 1password mini so it couldn't work. I was told by the support to download the Beta 8 version to fix that.
    But now when i scan my QR Code on the emergency kit to connect 1password to my account, i get this: "NSURLErrorDomain erreur -1200".

    There must a wrong mix-up between two different account: i have two account key on one email address. And none works.
    I know which emergency kit is the latest, and i know that my master password is correct.

    I'm not sure if i have to sign-in here:
    Or here:

    I've tried both but without any luck.

    I have access to another "admin" account on our team project. Is there something to do with that to fix my personal account?

    The strange thing is two days ago i was connected to my count with the app so one of my two emergency kit must be the good one.


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    Hi @ZacMarston,

    It sounds like you're possibly on running this on OS X 10.10, if so then that's definitely the cause of the error. 10.10 doesn't support the current configuration of SSL/TLS settings that are enabled on our server configuration. A fix for this is being currently investigated by the ops team. An alternative option would be to update to OS X 10.11 or newer, which does support the more secure standards that the server is configured to support.


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