How to use 1password on a (may be unsecure) device that is not mine?

How to use 1Passsword on a device that is not mine? Example : I want to go to to the admin page of my web site from a public not secure computer. Or check my bank account when I am on a device of somebody else (may be a friend, may be not)?

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  • Hi @profbejian,

    Well there are always dangers involved in using a public computer - you don't know what it might be running. With that cautionary statement said, if you have a 1Password account and know both your Master Password (extremely likely) and your account key (less likely) then you can technically access your 1Password account and the contents of your vaults from any compatible browser.

    If you only store your vaults locally, using 1Password with a licence in standalone mode it's more complicated. If you happen to use Dropbox then on a friend's device you could download the 1Password application and connect it to your Dropbox account if you know your Dropbox login credentials. Odds are a public computer won't let you install software so that is unlikely to work on a more open computer.

    It isn't intended to be flippant but given these scenarios I wouldn't feel comfortable using anything but a device that I own. Even if it means displaying a password using the large type option on the mobile device and typing it out by hand that to me is preferable to the above options. I don't know this for certain but I believe one of the basic assumptions made when developing 1Password was the person using it own/controlled the device in question and this hasn't really changed since I was first a user back with 1Password 3 for Mac.

  • Personally I would never log into a my bank account on another's persons device, even a friends.

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    @profbejian: Indeed, while money doesn't grow on trees, fairly capable Android devices almost do, and can be had for two figures in many cases — and you can take them and use them anywhere you go. You won't be able to login to websites with it without an internet connection of course, but sometimes just having access to our data offline (downloaded in advance) is all we need. As always, the best thing to do is to either use a device that you control when accessing sensitive information, or wait until you're able to get to one. After all, you're (presumably) using 1Password in the first place to secure your data, so accessing it from an untrusted device really negates its security benefits. It just isn't worth the risk these days. :dizzy:

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