How do I Modify the Shortcuts on the 1Password Toolbar? [Not possible in 1P4]

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Hey guys,

So, I noticed this great screenshot of 1Password 4 posted in a forum:

I couldn't help but notice all the awesome shortcuts it has readily available at the top of the window, making efficient use of space and screen real-estate, unlike what the current latest version of 1Password 4 comes with by default, which is the polar opposite:

How do I get the toolbar in the latest version of 1Password to look like the first screenshot above? Can't seem to figure out how to unlock the toolbar and add new shortcuts :p

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OS Version: Windows 10 Pro v1607 Build 14393.693
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    Hi @raaomoka,

    Thanks for writing in.

    You cannot modify the toolbar or the interface itself, they've never been configurable. You're looking at a screenshot from an early 1Password 4 beta, based on the titlebar.

    1Password 4 will not be getting any major UI changes like this, almost all of our focus are going into 1Password 6 instead, which doesn't use this toolbar design anymore.

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