Had app on mac devices but now own a windows PC

Last time I tried installing 1Password on a second device I somehow messed it up and lost a lot of data and it took many hours to get set back up again. Currently I have 1Password families account running on my macbook and my iphone. But I just built a windows gaming PC and I'd like to install it there as well. I've downloaded it... what is the correct way to set this up? I still want to keep 1password on my other devices as well.

Thank you!

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  • dancodanco Senior Member Community Moderator

    One quick question.

    Do you have a families LICENCE (one-time payment) or a families ACCOUNT (subscription method).

    Unfortunately AgileBits chose a wording that has led to a lot of confusion. They only use the word "account" with the subscription, whereas users often regard "account" as a more general term.

    If you actually have the subscription account, then you don't need to pay any more, and you should set up using your emergency kit.

    If you made a one-time purchase, that is just for Mac (and iOS). You need to pay extra for combined Mac and Windows (there's an upgrade price). Then, when you start using 1PW on your PC, in the initial setup you need to "use without an account"

  • RomanRoman 1Password Alumni

    @renaebair - I see that you have a family account with us, so it couldn't be easier to bring your data to your Gaming PC:

    • Download 1Password 6 for Windows and install it
    • After launching the app sign in to your existing family account from the Welcome screen and all your data will be right there

    That's it! :)

  • Thank you, but when I open 1Password after installing it, I am presented with 3 options:

    The first one doesn't apply, and the second two open my file browser to choose a local backup file. But I don't have one of those :(

  • Also, I don't see where to find 1Password 6 for Windows - the agilebits downloads page only shows 1Password 4 for Windows


    That is linked to directly from the /Downloads page (https://agilebits.com/downloads) under "See What's New" in the Windows area of the page. And when I click download, it tries to save 1Password-

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