Subscription Model Questions

I recently signed up for an account to for the new subscription service unknowingly, since I was unaware we had move to a dual-model system (i.e. stand alone and subscription). I guess it came with a trial of sorts?

Anyways, I own the iOS, Windows and Mac Apps and am looking to see if the new model would be right for me. Would it be possible to get my trial re-activated since I never used it in the first place? Also, are there any current promotions going on or discounts for students?


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  • FrankFrank

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    Hi SleepyOwl - It's great to hear from you. I will be more than happy to help out. I just sent you over an email so we can work on this together. When you get a chance reply back to me so we can continue the discussion over there. Talk to you soon.

    ref: WRY-33972-183

  • Thanks Frank for your help. I sent you a follow up email regarding recovering my account/account key (as I had no idea what it was for at the time).

  • RomanRoman 1Password Alumni

    @SleepyOwl - I just replied to your email a minute ago. Let's resolve this over there! :-)

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